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TEST: Chapters 1-4 Bedford St. Martin textbook and 1-3 AMSCO

For Friday:
1.Complete the reading assigned in class and the accompanying 3 questions
2. Read Chapter 3 in AMSCO...take notes (copious)... Using AMSCO and the textbook, answer multiple choice questions 1-10 (p. 54-55) and in detail (but NOT essay form) #1, 3, and #4 on page 56.

Read the attached file thoroughly and follow the directions. You may use your textbook and AMSCO reader to PLAN the essay...the planning will be taken up as a grade....DO NOT WRITE THE FULL ESSAY!

1.Read and print. In the margins answer the question.... what does Ben Franklin's reaction to the Pax boys reveal about America as a "melting pot"
2. Go through this PP. Place particular emphasis on the Race and Freedom sections pertaining to Native Americans and Slavery
3. Read and highlight. Be prepared for an opening individual activity that will require you to be supremely familiar with all of 1-3.

1. Complete the charts on colonial America from the manual.
2. Main Idea Logs: pgs. 106-115
3.Read and answer the questions from the selection on p.114.

1.Main idea logs for p.74 (The Politics of Empire) to p. 96 (stop at The New Politics of Empire)...if you need to
review the doc below to help.
2. Read and complete the assignment found on the bottom of the document

3. Go online and review Hobbes theory of government as expressed in Leviathan and Locke's in Two Treatises
Summarize their basic arguments in one paragraph each. In a 3rd paragraph decide which you prefer. Give
historical evidence to support your point.

main Idea Logs for the assigned reading: Review the attached document to help

Assignments for Unit 1:
Due Thursday (August 29)
1. Complete the essay assigned (IS America exceptional) in class)
2. Read the doc below...do not answer the questions other than to reflect on them)
(Read but do not complete the questions)
FOR September 3rd
1. * Will post power point AP assignment in the morning ... will go with your manual
2. Read the Abigail Adams letter below. Use the APPARTY sheet today to complete the back side of the handout

For September 5th
  • Complete Manual pages 3 and 4 using the following Power Point
  • Complete Manual page 5 by using AMSCO chapter 1 and the power point
  • Finish AMSCO chapter 1 questions that were started in class!
  • Quiz Thursday

Use the attached files to complete p.19 manual

. Use the attached file to complete 15 and 16 in the manual

Complete pages 25 and 26 from the manual

Complete p.20 from the manual!