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Unit 2: Chapter 5 and 6 plus pieces of Ch 3 (pgs 96-101) and 4 (pgs 124-129) TEST: Friday 25th
Glorious Revolution to Constitution

For Oct 23rd:
1. p.31 from the manual using the following link: http://youtu.be/aTAmbVhk_YM
2. Complete p. 34 in manual

3. Go over the following power point listed above for class
4. Work on p.35 ... due Friday!

For Oct 21:
1. read Chapter 6 (textbook) pages 171-178 then answer the questions near the top of p.178
2. Read pages 178-182 and answer the questions on p.182
3. complete a reading log for pages 182-192 (Creating Rep Institutions to The Constitution of 1787)
4. Read "Did the Revolution Promote Women's Rights?" on p.188. Answer "Analyzing Evidence" at the bottom of the page

For Oct 17th:
1. Announced quiz will cover Period of English Wars chart through Lee Resolution (Emphasis on French and Indian through Lee's Resolution!)
2. Quiz will cover all of Chapter 5 from the textbook, the Acts Chart below, the power point "Glorious Revolution" below, and the two power points added here (many of the key terms here)
(later phase covered thoroughly here... do NOT need to watch the videos embedded)
3. Go thoroughly through Ch 5 (textbook)
4. read pages 60-69 (Chapter 4) in AMSCO. Look at the vocabulary on p.70, be prepared to explain the significance of each of those terms. COMPLETE the multiple choice questions .... reminder, your AMSCO may not exactly match-up...it is Chapter 4 (Imperial Wars and Colonial Protest)

For Oct 15:
1. Go over the chart

2. Watch the following episodes (2-4) of The War That Made America ... links are below.
complete the viewing guide attached
http://youtu.be/lpS8Rqi10UI (episode 2)
http://youtu.be/tTM0KyY86DA (episode 3)
http://youtu.be/TwbRRihtXcY (episode 4)

For Oct 9th:
1. Main idea log 124-129
2. Answer the 2 questions on p. 99 (bottom right)
3. Review the PP from class that is below.

PREPARE FOR QUIZ: all of the above plus the PP on the French and Indian War

For Oct 7th
View and study the power point and complete p.19 manual

1.Click on the link above and print a copy of the Declaration of Indpendence

Remember there is no class on Wed due to PSAT
Manual pages 37 and 38
Chapter 8 study guide will be added

1. Jefferson Article:
Assignment: Email me a response that answers the following questions: 1) What is the point-of-view of the author? 2) send me your response to the article as if you were submitting a blog/comment to Smithsonian. Include your overall reaction and any key points you want to make about the article itself.

2. Youtube video link for viewing guide:http://youtu.be/CNNbShYgSfw
Complete the viewing guide