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Unit 3: Test Washington-Madison Wed Nov 20th
Test Reminders: AMSCO Ch 6 and Ch 7; textbook Ch 7; 1 of the three essays listed below; power points
Test format: Multiple Choice, Essay, Short Answer

For Nov 18th:
Quiz on Jefferson-Madison
Go over the power point
Complete reading log pgs 224-233

For Nov 14th:
1. Complete in-class assignment
2. Watch the following short clip and respond to the prompt below:
Prompt: A point of discussion in class has been to be aware of presentism; judging the past through the knowledge of today. You have written an outline on Jefferson's legacy. Having watched this presentation listed above, add a fourth paragraph concerning Jefferson's personal life or character.
3. Reading (Main Idea) log: p. 217-224 (Jefferson's Presidency up to The War of 1812)

For Nov 12th:
1. Create an 8 1/2 by 11 (notebook page size or greater) campaign poster for one of the candidates in the Election of 1800.
  • Consider the historical setting, the position of the candidates, the events of the era, and create a poster that includes images, a campaign slogan and reflects your knowledge and applies that knowledge to a creative, historically accurate poster for the candidate of your choice.
Answer the 3 prompts by PLANNING your essay
3. Read, print and provide a summary of the arguments that includes the key points of difference between them
4. Read, print, and highlight the key points. It will help answer one of the possible essays.

For Nov 7th:
1.Go thoroughly through the following power point. focus on slides 4-44(Wash -Adams)
2. Using the ppt and your textbook provide detail on the Presidential Review assignment attached.
3. Use #1, #2, and your textbook to prepare for a Washington and Adams quiz

For Nov. 5th:
1. Main Idea log: p.212-217 (Westward Movement up to Jeffersonian presidency only)
2. Read Amsco "documents and readings" pages 116-120
Complete #1 and #2 on p. 120 for #3 write the thesis/opening paragraph ONLY. Highlight your thesis

Chapter 10 Assignments (Due Oct 31st)
1. Print off the Ch. 10 Notes file below: highlight and review thoroughly for a quiz on Thursday
(these notes relate to Ch. 7 in the textbook)
2. Print off the Federalist Papers (# 51): Answer the questions at the end of the reading

3. Main idea log: 204,206-208, and 210 (through the Rise of Political Parties)
4. Read the special sections on p.205 and p. 209 and answer the questions on each page

These pertain to later assignments

Complete the assignment titled "Possible Test Essays"