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Due Jan 10:
1. Read the rest of the Chapter 422-426) and answer the 3 questions found on p. 426
2. Watch the following clip and comment. http://youtu.be/AKfNMel5dug
3. Read pages 403-406 (#1 and #2) and p,417 #1 in The American Spirit. Provide a 1 paragraph summary of each of the articles listed. 3 total

Due Jan 8:
1. Reminder: NO Test (will be incorporated into the semester exam on Thursday Jan 16th)
2. Read p.414 and answer the three questions at the end of the reading
3. Read p. 415-422... take notes. This is not a main idea log! However, any notes you take will be allowed on tomorrow's quiz that will cover the Horsman and Yuan Sheng articles plus the assigned readings.

FOR Jan 6th: Be aware that the attachments are in pdf format and will need to be rotated as you read! Strongly suggest printing them off!!
1. Questions are on pages 97-98 in the manual

The Horsman book can be accessed at http://www.openisbn.com/preview/9780674948051/
this will help you with the questions that don't have a good reference point as you only have the introduction

2. Pages 99-100 from the manual
3. Read and complete the questions and the questions found on the last page.

Chapters: 8,9,10
AMSCO: 8,9,10

For Dec 19th:
Please complete and review the Presidential sheet started in class
Review the territorial gains/Manifest Destiny pages from the manual
Reminder there is a quiz on both tomorrow
Complete the page of "Word Association" that accompanies Jackson that was handed out in class
Print and highlight the following notes.... It is very long....emphasize for tomorrow the Texas issue and Manifest Destiny topics...highlight them (from p.8 and 10, 16,17, and 18). For tomorrow you may print only those pages if you prefer

For Dec 11th:
1. Review this power point ( slides 42-62)in preparation for a quiz on reform movements.
2. Complete p. 87-88 (manual) using 332-359 in the textbook which you are responsible for reading. I suggest taking notes as a reading log is not required of this selection.

For Dec 9th: Complete the Assignment listed below and go thoroughly through the power point "Expansion and Reform"

For Dec 5th: We will have a quiz on Jacksonian Democracy. Use your book and AMSCO to prepare. Focus on the power points posted (I will post 2 in the morning that will help). This will be a thorough quiz on Jackson so your level of preparation needs to be significant.

For Tuesday Dec 3rd:
1)Reading log pages 304-314
2) Read the de Tocqueville reading on p. 306 and answer the 2 "Analyzing the Evidence" questions at the end

For Tuesday November 26: study the following power point for the quiz

Ignore the rest until it has been fully edited....

Review the following powerpoint
Read "All about de Toc"
Pick one of the quotes and explain why you consider it to be the most significant commentary on American society

Review for test link on "Cotton Whigs"