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Manifest Destiny and the Road to Civil War
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Due Jan 3rd
Assignment 1:
Assignment 2:

Assignment 3: Complete manual 103,104 and 106
(We will work on the Horsman article in class.... but complete the review ...all of it!)

For Jan 7th:
1) Review and study the following power point

2) What was the political, social, and cultural impact of "manifest destiny" on the following groups?:
  • Mexican-Americans
  • Native Americans
  • pro-slavery versus anti-slavery factions
be sure to elaborate and use specific examples to support your opinions on the impact on each of these groups....use the readings and power points to find support

For Jan 9th: Annotated timeline " 14 Steps to Disunion"
1) Place the terms below on a timeline. Include an explanation of who was involved, what occurred, and why it was
significant with each term/idea
2) Each of the 14 must have an image to accompany the explanation
Sumner-Brooks Incident, "House-Divided" Speech, Election of 1860, Wilmot Proviso, Uncle Tom's Cabin published,
Compromise of 1850, Dred Scott v Sanford, Impending Crisis of the South published, Harper's Ferry Raid,
"Bleeding Kansas", Freeport Doctrine, Kansas-Nebraska Act, LeCompton Constitution, Lincoln-Douglas Debates,
Republican Party established