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Unit 6: Chapters 14 and 15 (AMSCO) TEST THURSDAY FEB 13
pages 408 (Wilmot Proviso) -p.491 (end of Reconstruction) from America's History Volume I (textbook)

For Feb 11:
1) Complete this chart for our final review activity
2) Begin Unit 7 vocabulary found at the end of Ch.16 AMSCO.... create vocabulary cards for the terms found in AMSCO Ch16...these terms will be due on Thursday Feb 13

Power points for Unit 6
.... Review for January 27th
..... Review for January 27th

Notes for Chapter 20-22 Print off and highlight (place in your notebook)

for January 28: Review both power points and Chapter 20 and 21 notes from above. Big quiz to get the quarter started!

For Jan 30th: Prepare for the quiz on Ch 20 and 21 notes. Go over Ch.22 notes and highlight. Do not worry about the video listed below...we will instead cover this in class

For Feb 3:
1.Go over Ch22 Outline Notes
2. Read 463-478 (Chapter 15). Complete the reading guide attached below

3. Complete Part 2 (will be posted on Friday)
4. Comprehensive quiz on Ch 20-22 Outline Notes on Monday

1) Complete the "America: Story of Us (Civil War)" viewing guide by going to the following link
2) Respond to the following topic for discussion after viewing "Aftershock: Beyond the Civil War" by going to the following link http://youtu.be/oIC8ifQlDVY (this is part 1 of 9 ... you will need to watch all 9 episodes or 90 minutes). This response should be detailed and reveal that you watched the video and have used specific examples from the viewing
The way of life for Black Southerners changed very little in the first 20 years after the Civil War
      • There is no other assignment at this time (reminder of a quiz on Ch 20)
For Feb 5
Review notes from above on Reconstruction (Ch 22) and the powerpoint below

Complete the following Part 2 of the Chapter 15 reading guide.