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Gilded Age and the onset of Progressivism:
For March 5:
1) Complete the attached assignment
2) Reading Assignment posted tonight

For March 3:
1) Finish 2 and 3 from Feb 27
2) Complete the attached assignment

For Feb 27th:
1) Complete the "String of Unknowns" from class today
2) Ch. 19 AMSCO: Plan the answers to questions 2,3,4,5 ...informal writing style
3) Read 529-543. Answer the 3 questions found on p.543

Chapter 16 from America's History (Volume I): Conquering a Continent
Assignment #1:Chapter 16 (Due the next time I see you!!)

Assignment # 2 (Begin this... we will see about a completion date) (this can also be found in your manual p.161-164

Assignment #3 Read print and highlight

Assignment #4: Due Wed Feb 19th
Pages 159-160 (manual)
Pages 165-166 (manual)

The Rest of this will be edited and updated as the weather and schedule dictate
Assignment # 4
  • Complete pages 159-160 (be carefule the pages may not be numbered correctly) ... it is a graphic organizer on Gilded Age Problems and Progressive Era ReformsCh 28 and 29 will be useful)

Assignment #5 (for March 1):

Finishing taking the notes begun in class. Prepare for a quiz on labor problems using these notes and the corrsponding textbook information (Ch 24) see below

Assignment #7 (for March 7) Complete the attached AMSCO reading guide

Assignment #7: for March 11
1) Visit the tenement virtual tour at the following link... explore at least 4 of the tenement dwellings
http://www.tenement.org/Virtual_Tour/vt_hallruin.html ... write a developed response to the following question... Why did local and state governments begin to regulate building codes and public places by the beginning of the 19th century
2) Read the folloewing attachment on DuBois vs Washington. Answer the 5 questions at the end of the reading.
3) Print and highlight...will be able to use on quiz for March 13
4) Read Chapters 1-3 of Riis: How the Other Half Lives. Questions will be posted
5) Review and familiarize yourself with the power point
6) Finish the Progressivism packet from Thursday's class.

March 19: Complete the handout from class.