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AP US Unit 8 (Imperialism)
AMSCO Ch 20; Henretta part of Ch16 and all of Ch. 21

For Friday March 21st:
p. 201
p. 203-206 in the manual
p. 211-214 in the manual

These will be completed; stapled in order, and turned in for a formal grade

For Wednesday March 19th:
Go over the following Power points and use them, Ch 19 AMSCO and your textbook to complete page 203 from the manual. Also complete p.204 through Big Stick Policy. DO NOT BE SURPRISED WED (QUIZ)

For Monday March 17th: Complete the vocab cards due (Imperialism) and complete the take home quiz

For Thursday March 13th:
1) Complete the flow-chart hand out from class.
2) Print (through New Imperialism notes) from the following Outline. Prepare for an imperialism quiz

For Friday March 7: Complete the following

  1. Manual pages: 202, 212; *215*: 216: 218: 221-222
  2. AMSCO: Plan essays for #2 and # 3 from p.465

1. Go over the following 2 power points and review Ch 22 (AMSCO) for a quiz. At least 5 AMSCO questions will
be used for the quiz.

2. We are going to begin in earnest the practice of writing DBQ's
A. Review the following

B. Outline, including a highlighted thesis statement, your response to the DBQ from p.465... this is a definite
and key grade! Do NOT write the DBQ!