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AP US Unit 9 and 10
Due Friday May 2: Manual p. 261, manual p.263,-264
Due Monday April 25th: manual 235-236 plus the DBQ Activity that begins on p.239-240.
Extra Credit: Labor union history sheet on 233-234 (use 234 to complete 233)!!

Due Thursday April 24th: Complete the assignment begun in class. Add the following questions to the original

Due Tuesday April 22nd:
1. Read Ch 23: (Amsco) and complete vocabulary found on page p.485 at the end of Chapter 23 (notecards or vocab list is acceptable)
2. Print the following Outline Notes and quizzes. Use the Outline Notes to help answer the questions. The outlines generally go with AMSCO 23,24, and 25. Topically they cover from the end of WWI through
World War II. You may also want to use your textbook to assist. THESE ARE CRITICAL FOR BEING ABLE TO FINISH THE YEAR WITH THE PROPER COVERAGE
3. Go thoroughly through both PP listed below. We will have a HUGE quiz on the day we return!

(review this power point thoroughly)