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TEST: Chapters 9-12 (India, Greece, Rome, Crossroads)
1. Use these outlines to help you review and prepare

2. Review DBQ writing rules available on the AP World History Page
For Nov 19th:
1. Re-watch and finish the video (Story of India): http://youtu.be/MPOKyrnjpUA (The Story of India Part 2)
3. Beginning preparing for Thursday's test covering Greece, Rome, India, Persia, and China

For Nov 15th:
1. Read Chapter 9 (India) and complete the attached sheet of questions
2. Prepare for a QUIZ on India tomorrow

For Nov 8th:
Per our discussion and DBQ activity from class (technology and empire): Read Ch12 and complete the following study questions:
  • In general, describe the goods that were traded along the silk roads (directionally)
  • How did the Silk roads facilitate the spread of Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism (t-chart the answer)
  • What were the long-term effects of the spread of disease along the Silk roads?
  • How did China's culture change after the decline of the Han? Provide detail.
  • How did Europe's culture change during the latter Roman years? Provide detail.

For Nov 6th:
1) Watch the first 2 and 1/2 parts of the video link http://youtu.be/bksl2Is13bg
parts 2 and 3 are available on the right

2) Answer the questions that go with the viewing guide

For Nov 4th:
1. Please go over the the 2 attached Power Points on the foundation and development of Rome

2. Complete the reading guide for the chapter on Rome (Bentley textbook)

3. Prepare for a thorough quiz on Rome

For Oct 30th:
1. Complete the activity begun in class on DBQ's. Complete activities 2-4

Chapters 7-8 TEST THURSDAY: Persia, China, Global Religions only
1. Review using your textbook
2. Review the power points and assignments ( esp Chapter outlines) from this page

For Oct 22: Look over the 6 case studies online, familiarize yourself. (Khmer Rouge, Argentina 1880's, 4th Crusade, Sicilian Vespers, Armenian Massacre, Burundi 1970's)
Answer the following in detail
1. Using our class work and your research.... definition of genocide according to the United Nations (cite your source)
2. Are all of these examples "genocide"? Why or why not? Address each one independently (6 responses)
3. Add the following to your 6 responses from # 2: Provide a brief summary and answer the following question.... are these examples of genocide? Why or why not?
a) Mithradates (Asian Vespers) b) Irish Potato Famine c) 16th century European Witch Hunts
4. Find a modern example (last 20 years) of a genocide case.... provide a summary.... explain the outcome. Has there been a trial? Why or why not?

For Oct 18th: Reading log Chapter 10 pages 194-208

For Oct 16th:
1. Finish viewing the video on "Engineering an Empire" ... complete the questions handed out in class.
2. Power point from class: R
EVIEW thoroughly for quiz
3. Reading log: pgs 156-166

For Thursday Oct 10: NO reading/main idea log assignment!! Go over the chart completed in class. Be sure to add Buddhism completely. Thorough quiz on comparisons of world religions

For Tuesday Oct 8: Print off or create your own organizer of World Religions . We will be examining the impact that faith has had on shaping the development of the world . You should rely on Barron's, the AP textbook, and online sources. EMPHASIS ON THE LAST COLUMN!!!

For Monday September 30:
1. Go over the slide "The Empires of Persia"
2. Complete the main idea log: pgs 132-145

For Wednesday October 2:
1. Complete the DBQ activity started in class (Thesis/1st Paragraph plus at least 2-3 groupings with an explanation of what the grouping is and why those particular documents fit that grouping)
2. Complete the attached map
3. Complete the main idea log from Monday
4. Study for the quiz of the four early Persian Empires (Power point and main idea log and the chapter outline document). Print this off and highlight. Compare to your main idea log.... be prepared with questions