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Thursday SEPT 26 TEST Chapters 1-6
Attached are the outlines and the power point as promised!

1. Complete the DBQ Activity from The Earth and Its Peoples (bring the book back Tuesday!)
Include your opening paragraph and your conclusion. In your conclusion remember the extra document needed and why it is needed. Highlight your thesis and your extra document
2. Reread pgs 108-109 in Bentley and write out the main idea/thesis of the reading

For Sept 20th:
1. Go over slides #41-#65 (complete the Identifications included on slide 42
2. Main idea log pgs 108-123 (some of you may have completed this already)

For Sept 18th:
1. Main Idea Logs for pages p.88-98 (ancient China)
2. Read the following document and answer the following question: Paragraph form...no 1st person.
Locke or Hobbes? Why?

For Sept 12:
1) Quiz on Bantu migrations and tonight's assignment (Indus civilization)....remember the 5 traits of
2) Reading and writing assignment pgs. 71-84. Read and complete a Main Idea log by reading the following link as completing the assigned work as described

Sept 10th: Two assignments (1 from our NEW books! and 1 on our discussion in class on bananas
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRKKEIc-NX0s_IuJAt6RC0mGAsW2TQqdZMoHMQWSCLQnVxRWCtD8Tpc4w
1. Read Chapter 3 (p.49-68). On page 55 answer the questions posed under the "thinking about traditions" section. On p.56 answer the question on under "sources from the past". On p. 62 answer the questions under "thinking about ENCOUNTERS" and on p. 64 answer the question under "sources from the past"

2. Construct a one sentence argument for each of the following:
  • The spread of bananas shows African participation in world history processes
  • The change in agriculture led to changes in the size and location of population.
  • The change in technology of agriculture led to changes in African social structure ..... THIS IS THE ANSWER TO OUR CLASS DISCUSSION!!!!!

For Sept 6th: Read and take notes on chapter 3 outline and the powerpoint from Bentley
There will be a THOROUGH quiz on these 2 on Friday (Fun Friday!!)

For Sept 3rd: QUIZ ON CHART from last class.... posting the power point for your usage

For August 29th: Using the "Neolithic Revolution.pptx" and the "Ancient CivilizationsPP.ppt" complete the chart
BE AWARE.... the chart completed should include Indus, Chavin, and Olmec. So.... highlight and study the Shang China, Mesopotamia, Egypt Nile part provided. THEN COMPLETE THE CHART BY CREATING YOUR OWN WITH INDUS< CHAVIN< OLMEC (in the fashion found on the "River Valley Civilizations Assessment")

WE will discuss the additional parts but there will be a quiz on the first 3 parts(Shang,Meso,Egypt)

For August 28th: (2 Powerpoint Presentations...Human Evolution and Neolithic Evolution)

1. Emphasize slide 21-end...take notes. Prepare for quiz
2. What is Bergmann's Rule? What is Allen's Rule? (be sure to cite your sources for these answer

Neolithic Rev is also required ...read..take.notes...prepare

For anyone who
missed this in class....DBQ activity

For September 18th:
Read the article linked here
Answer these questions :

For September 20: Read Chapter 3
Complete the vocabulary found on p. 92 and questions 1-4 found on p.84
Be prepared for a Vocab quiz on Thursday

Class Reading Activity (DBQ formation) on September 20

For September 26th:
Online research: The religion of Zoroasterianism
1. What are the key ideas/concepts of the faith?
2. How many worshippers today?
3. How did Zoroasterianism affect the world-view of the Persians furing the times of Darius and
For September 28th: