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Chapters:Chapter 13 - 17

Due Jan 9th:
Read the following link (1)and if possible print.
Take notes in the margins
Answer the series of questions posted on the 2nd link (Questions)

1. http://www.doaks.org/resources/publications/doaks-online-publications/crusades-from-the-perspective-of-byzantium-and-the-muslim-world/cr07.pdf
2. Questions

Christmas and Holiday Break Assignment:
1. Read and complete a main idea log for Chapter 16 (The Two Worlds of Christendom)
2. Answer the following Question in a Comparative Essay format
Analyze the responses of the Byzantine Empire and the Kingdom of the Franks to Islamic expansion from 700-1500. What similarities and differences exist in how they reacted to the expanding realms of Islam.

For Dec 18:
1) Go over the power point
2) Read Chapter 17 and complete the attached Reading Guide
3) Prepare for a quiz on Wed
4) Outline for Ch 17...print off and use to help you prepare for the quiz

For Dec 12: Write the opening paragraph/thesis and outline the main points to be argued. Do NOT write the essay....build the argument.

Prompt: Compare and contrast the causes of migration and the methods of interaction from any TWO of the following civilizations: Umayyads, Arabs, Turks, Mongols, Vikings.
  • research using your textbook the TWO civilizations that you choose.
  • Remember that the causes were listed in class (climate issues, scarcity of resources, conflict/competition, conquest, political leadership/need for power, advanced technologies, etc)
  • Remember that the methods of interaction from our discussion included the following scenarios: Nomads and settled people interacted by ..... having little to do with each other, Nomads raiding and returning home, Nomads invading and conquering, Nomads moving in but staying separate, Nomads entering an area and assimilating, Nomads conquering and staying separate, Nomads conquer and gradually assimilate, Nomads conquer and stay but are eventually repelled)
  • Use your rubric to plan the body of your essay. Be sure to address points 2-5 from the rubric in your planning/outline

Dec 10: Complete the C/C essay RESEARCH and introductory paragraph attached below
Use the following document to help you with the rubric and ideas for organization...please print out

Due Dec 4th: http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072424354/student_view0/chapter14/table_of_contents.html
Go to this website (textbook online)... go to Multiple Choice quiz on the left side. Complete the quiz and then submit to kurt.wessler@cms.k12.nc.us

Due Dec 2:
1)Complete the study guide for Chapter 13 (The Expansive Realm of Islam)
2) Go thoroughly throug
h the PP from class

Ignore these until assigned

  • Assigned on the 19th: Change over time Essay due: Compare sub-Saharan and European interaction with the Islamic world (use Ch14)