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Unit 5:
REVIEW SHEET (Remember that the format is multiple choice and a few short answer questions): please review the attachment below

Assignment # 1 (Due Monday Jan 28)
Assignment #2 (Due Wed Jan 30)
1) Read and print each article. Highlight the key pts
2) Send me a a summary and 1 key question you have for each article that will be used for class discussio
http://www.swarthmore.edu/SocSci/bdorsey1/41docs/01-col.html (Columbus article)
http://www.swarthmore.edu/SocSci/bdorsey1/41docs/02-las.html (las Casas article)
3) Go to the following youtube clip and watch Viggo Mortenson read from de las Casas.
Write a brief reaction to hearing this read aloud.
Assignment #3 (Due Feb 1):
1) Read Chapter 18. Complete the vocabulary terms found on p.526
2) Read "Slavery in west Africa and the Americas" found on pages 523 and 524. Complete the four questions found on p.524
Assignment #4 (Due Feb 5th):
1) Finish the 3 questions from class today
2) Review all of Ch 18 and the power point from assignment #3: these will be the basis of a quiz on Tuesday
3) Write an opening paragraph for the DBQ assignment found on pages A-19 through A-23 (DBQ 5).
Also ... group the documents in as many ways as possible with a sentence explaining why you grouped them together. Ex: 2,3,5 because .....
Assignment #5: Complete the viewing of the following video on the Ottoman Empire

  • Complete the vocabulary found on p. 554 and answer the first 2 questions at the top of the same page
Assignment #6: Due Wed 2-13 1) Complete the graphic organizers from class
2) Read pages 536-537 Answer the 3 questions on 537.
3) Answer the following additional questions about the reading selection
  • What do you think of the assertion that it was reasonable to break treaties with "infidels" if it was considered beneficial to all Muslims? How about the contention that it was acceptable, and indeed holy war, to fight the Safavids?
  • Do you think that these fatwas were religiously or politically motivated? Even though war against the Safavids was acceptable, why was it unacceptable to enslave Safavid children?
Assignment #7: Due Friday 2-15Complete the reading guide for Ch.20
Assignment # 8: Due Wednesday 2-20
1) Quiz on the Guided Reading Activity from Chapter 20
2) Go over Japanese powerpoint
3) Begin reviewing Chapters17-20 for the test on Tuesday, Feb 26th
Assignment #9:
1) Write your introductory paragraph for the DBQ worked on in class
2) Review the Power points on China and Russia
3) Prepare for a quiz on Chapter 19 and 20 (this is new...adding 20 to the quiz)