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1750-1917 Age of Revolution
For Tuesday April 8
1. Go over quizlet terms ( Mesopotamia - Jainism) from the following link....Review begins even as we progress! Quiz on Tues
2. Complete the attached sheet. Be thorough. This really needs to be detailed AP level work
3. Print out and study thoroughly the following comprehensive review guide. It will help on #2 plus is a great resource for studying. Highlighter recommended!!

Complete the chart begun in class (4 Revolutions) and the vocab/guided reading questions that accompany Ch.29 (handed out in class)

Test Review Sheet

Assignment #1: Read the DBQ activity from p. A-34. Complete the following
  • Take 3 minutes and write down all prior knowledge
  • Write your opening paragraph and highlight your thesis
  • Group the documents in a minimum of 3 ways with an explanation of how they will be used to address the prompt

Assignment #2: From Ch.21 Complete the reading from Voltaire and Wollstonecraft. Answer the 4 questions

Assignment #3: Complete the attached reading guide for Ch 21
Quiz based on this guide
Assignment #4
Read the Phillips paper on L'ouverture. Write a summary in which you point out the main ideas and discuss any potential biases inherit in the article.
Review the power point. Take notes.Answer the question on slide 24. Explain fully your answer

Assignment # 5:
1) go thoroughly over the powerpoint attached.
2) Complete the vocabulary found on p.704 after reading the Chapter.
3) Create a graphic organizer of the 3 great land empires during this age...be thorough