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APWH (Ch. 32-33)
For April 29th:
In a T-chart compare Mohandes Gandhi and Juan Peron using the following categories
Goals, styles, practices, role each played in national independence. You should use your textbook, Barron's and/or any online source that will assist in a thorough comparison of these 2 leaders.

For April 25th
1. Quiz on WWI and Age of Anxiety (post-war years) ... go over the following Power points
2. Find evidence (cite your source) of the growth of the Nazi party compared to the onset of the Great Depression: supply your info, does this surprise you, why or why not and finally is this an isolated, historical event? Evidence?
3. Evaluate the following statement using research and application. The Treaty of Versailles was a failure because of a lack of enforcement not in its design.

For April 23rd: Go over Ch 33 and 34 prepare for a quiz

For Spring Break: Due April 21st
1. Ch. 33 Read and go the following link
On the left-hand side print the chapter outline. Then complete the Essay quiz and the multiple choice links, and the Matching Exercise links found on the left. PRINT them off and complete them.
2. Chapter 34 Read and do the same as above.... change the chapter to 34 and complete the essay quiz question, MC, and Matching Exercise. Print and complete.

For April 10th
A. Complete the following study guide for Chapter 32
I. Vocabulary
Suez Canal “New Imperialism” “scramble for Africa” Berlin Conference Afrikaners Cecil Rhodes Asante Menelik Emilio Aguinaldo Free-trade imperialism
Panama Canal
II. Study Questions
1.Explain the impact of the completion of the Suez Canal on the countries involved.
2. How did the European nations gain much of their land in West Africa, Southeast Asia, and Pacific Islands? Be specific

3.What factor was MOST responsible for the ability of industrialized peoples to overcome nonindustrial peoples? Explain.

4. Describe the impact of colonial rule in Africa by providing a minimum three specific examples.

5. How did the arrival of white women into Asia and Africa affect those areas?

6. What countries/areas resisted European domination? How? Be inclusive of Africa and Southeast Asia
7. Although overall European colonial policies varied considerably, one characteristic was common in all the colonies. What was it?

8. How did tropical environments first influence the indigenous people and later the Western imperialists?
9. How did the “Scramble for Africa” affect the regions they came to dominate? Be thorough!

10. How did the “new Imperialism” affect the Western imperialists? Be specific.

B. Review Vocab Terms: from quizlet (Mesopotamia-Constantinople)