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Essay Writing: Planning Assignments (these will vary but will always be identified by due date):
Due Nov 27th: Use Ch 9 and your Barron's book
Planning for the following (may use graphic organizers, T-Charts, bullet points, etc....)
Compare and Contrast:
1. C and C the Latin West, Kievan Russia, and the Byzantine Empire politically, reigiously, and
2. C and C technological improvements that increased agricultural production in Western Europe
and any such developments in the Byzantine Empire

Change over Time:
3. Assess the relationship between Muslim led societies with their Christian European counterparts
from the rise of Islam through the 14th century. What was its nature and how did that nature
evolve during this era?

4. Evaluate the political, economic, and social impact of commerce/trade throughout the Middle
Ages. How did the renewal of trade impact Western Europe?