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I. India's Move Toward Independence
  • Read and outline pgs. 716-732(19th c India) and pgs 860-867 (20th c India-independence)
  • Vocabulary Terms to define:
Sepoy (p.717) _All India Muslim League (p.863)
British raj (p. 718) _Mohandes K. Gandhi (p.864)
Sepoy Rebellion (p.719)Muhammad Ali Jinnah (p.866)
Indian National Congress(p.724,861) Jawaharlal Nehru(p.866)

Choose one of the following: (Due April 11 for A, April 12 for B)
Activity A: Watch Gandhi, write a one to two page summary of the movie that includes the major protests and developments of the movie. This must be your work and signed by your parent to verify your effort.
Activity B: Create a Power Point or prezi that explains Indian nationalism from 1850-1950. All sources used must be credited in the last slide or part of the prezi depending on the format chosen.