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Goal 1 Information TEST ON GOAL 1: Thursday January 30th
review the following
CH.6...Manual pages 1-13 (esp pgs 3,6,7,8).....Powerpoints....notes from class....class opening activities ... all great things to review! Multiple Choice and short answer questions (includes a map as well)

FOR January 24th REQUIRED (read and answer the questions)

Assignment #1 due Mon Jan 27th: Complete the map and Terms and Names (1-10) found review on p.208 PP#1... reading assignment
Assignment # 2 due Tues Jan 28th: Complete the chart on Page 6 (manual) Due Tuesday Sept 3rd: Complete #1-10 under Main Ideas (not Terms and Names) found
on page 208 (textbook)
Assignment #3

Power Point Slides for Goal 1 Jan 23 - Jan 30)

Class review (3rd)