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Goal 9 Timeline:

Complete p.213-214 and p.217-218 in the manual and the flow chart found between p.234 and 235 in the manual

1) Listen to "Brother Can you Spare a DIme". Print the lyrics. Based on the lyrics and the reality of the Great Depression was is this song so iconic?
2) Manual Assignment pages 207-208
3) Study for the People of the 20's Quiz

For Thursday: Go over the people of the 20's using the quizlet list and the list on the attached file. Quiz for Honors on Friday

STANDARDS (Extra Credit)
For Wed April 23rd
http://quizlet.com/9068631/famous-people-of-the-1920s-flash-cards/ (additional names to know for the 1920's)
Complete the baseball card personality assigned in class (DUE FRIDAY NO EXCEPTIONS)
Prepare for a content quiz from Monday's lecture by reviewing your notes and the following PP

Extra Credit over Spring Break:
Extra Credit Assignment:
1. Finish viewing "The Lost Battalion" at the following link:

2. Answer the following questions:
How was American immigration portrayed in this movie? Specific example.
What was meant by the "Too Proud To Fight" campaign comment in episode 1/9? Explain fully
Who was Cher Ami? Find an image of Cher Ami and print it off and turn in with your HW
Identify Belleau Wood and Chateau-Thierry (mentioned in the movie): Explain their significance using online
resources...cite your sources

For Quiz on Tuesday complete the following assignment

Goal 9 Assignments:
For Dec 3rd:Read Chapter 22 section 1 and section 2. Complete manual pages 207-210
For Dec 4th:Read Chapter 22 Section 3 and Chapter 23 Section Section 1. Manual pages 211-214
Goal 9 Power Points:
Part 1: The 1920's

Part 2: The 1930's

For Dec 3rd
Print off the following summary of the Great Depression and New Deal....highlight and place in your manual in front of p.229
http://iws.collin.edu/kwilkison/Online1302home/20th%20Century/DepressionNewDeal.html (excellent resource)